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Working from home is becoming more popular each year. Video conferencing is a large part of home offices across the world, with one thing missing! A custom branded sign.
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Why Interior Signage is Important

Working from home is becoming more popular each year along with interior signage. Video conferencing is a large part of home offices across the world, with one thing missing! A custom branded sign. Yes, you can have a digital background of your logo. But we all know this looks very unprofessional. Especially when the person in the video disappears into the background image. Weather you own a professional home business or are working from home for corporate, your brand deserves a quality professional sign. Here at Schad Tracy we can take care of this for you.


Podcasters, Gamers, and Influencers you need to represent your brand for all of your videos with a quality custom sign! When your viewers see you they see your brand….always. As it should be!

How it works


Choose your interior signage


Take a screenshot of yourself in your home office with a background that’s missing your branding, and upload image


Upload your logo*

*any low-quality image may have additional charges if needing to recreate


Choose any additional options


Submit order and your professional designer will be in touch shortly

Choose your Interior Signage Option

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Schad Tracy Interior Signage

Subtle – Background Branding

Let us help you create a custom printed logo background for your video conferencing office.

Schad Tracy Interior Signage

Magnificent – Countoured Branding

Give your office a fresh custom look that shows that you are open for business while video conferencing.

Schad Tracy Interior Signage

Pro Series – Full Custom Branding

Fully Custom engineered sign with unlimited possibilities. Podcasters, Social Media Influencers, Consultants, Media, and general brand ambassadors are all in need of quality background branding. Whether you desire Faux Neon or LED’s your brand will thank you for it! For ideas please visit our Interior Signage Portfolio

Interior Signage FAQ’s

Why should I use Interior Signage?

Interior Signage is the use of signs and symbols to communicate your brand and a message to your physical or virtual audience. Interior signs create an opportunity to visually communicate and tell a story about your company.

What types of Interior Signage are there?
  • Internal Branding 
  • Way-finding Signage
  • Stand-off Signage
  • LED Illuminated Signage
  • Soft & Changeable Signage
  • Reception Signage
Where should I have Interior Signage?
  • Reception area dimensional letters and logos
  • Feature Brand Wall within the Office
  • Hang an LED Illuminated Wall Cabinet from the ceiling
  • In offices and cubicles behind employees for Background Branding while on video conferences 
  • Social Wall for guests to take selfies for social media
  • Conference Rooms with dimensional letters and logos
  • Company signs for an office with Digital LED interactive signage for changeable content
  • Every office, mechanical room, elevator, bathroom….is a change to display your brand with Wayfinding Signage 
  • Lobby Wayfinding Signage will help your guests navigate the office
Why should I consult an expert in Interior Signage?
  • Who is my audience that will see my physical space?
  • Will the audience be physically present or virtual?
  • How will I keep my logo and brand consistent with new signage(size, color, font..)
  • Will the LED illuminated signage be hardwired or plug in?
  • Does your landlord have restrictions on Interior Signage hanging methods?
  • Who will install the signage?